Things I have learnt during my 2 week holiday

ImageWe got back from our holiday of rest and relaxation yesterday and I have to say that my Fibro was good to me. I have had minimal pain, only one moderate headache and my normal fatigue. Reflecting back on my last 2 weeks following a very severe fibro flare that lasted more than a month, I have learnt a few very important lessons about me and my fibromylagia.

1. To listen to my body telling me when enough is enough

2. Accept that I can’t do the things I used to do

3. Ask for help

4. Fibro has made it impossible to do certain things but watching others do those things can be just as fun

5. Rest is important and essential

6. Work and stress are bad!

and most importantly – 7. I have fibromyalgia which will not just go away, I have to work with the fibro and not fight against it. There will be bad days when I must just rest but there will also be good days when I can enjoy some activity and maybe someday when I can get back on my mountain bike and cycle out into the forest. Life with fibro will be different but I am determined to stay positive and enjoy as much of life as possible.

I have a lot to be thankful for!

– A very loving and supportive husband who not only supports me emotionally but who is more than willing to cook and clean.

– An amazing Son (Keagan) who is our live-in stand-up comedian with a gentle, caring heart

– Family who love me and accept me, even with fibro

– Amazing friends who support me spiritually and emotionally, and who are always there for me

– An awesome God who gives me strength daily to endure and persevere

– and yes fibromyalgia which has taught me many things about myself and others, life and courage

So I look forward to 2014 and what life and fibro may teach me and I hope that 2014 is better than 2013.


One thought on “Things I have learnt during my 2 week holiday

  1. Caz says:

    You left off that you over came your fear of horses and climbed on a big boy and rode and loved it! I think that is quite an achievement! You learnt they aren’t scary, in fact they have the most gentle of souls and being around them and riding is therapy in motion.

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